Juliana's Teacher Training begins March 3, 2023

Awaken The Teacher Within


Juliana's teaching is ideal for training and harmonizing the physical, mental, and spiritual natures through the principle of yoga, meditation, awareness, compassion, love, forgiveness, honesty, tolerance, and faith. In this training, you will have the knowledge and the ability to feel the energy in the room and create your class from that point. You will build the confidence and awareness to lead your students into safe practice. As a teacher, you will be able to inspire, empower and transform your student's lives from your heart. Most of Juliana's teachers are now pioneer teachers, not only in the studios around town but also in the United States and South America. All students find their lives transformed and enlivened by their experiences in this training program, and this is our hope for all who join.


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This Training Begins:


March 3rd, 2023


Week 1

Orientation | introduction | practice.


Week 2

Ethics | History | The Four paths of Yoga | The Eight Limbs of Yoga | Basic Pranayama 


Week 3

The Systems of Hatha Yoga | The Mind of the Aspirant | The 3 Gunas | 3 Types of Teachers


Week 4

Path & Styles of Yoga | Surya Namaskara A/B/C  | Practice Teaching Skills | Kleshas for better Mental Well-being


Week 5

Asana study | Art of sequence, proper alignment, hands-on adjustment| Benefits and potential risk in the practice | Introduction to Chakras | Forming Ayurveda habits


Week 6

Principal of Anatomy | Science of sequencing  | Art of   Sequencing | Hands-on Adjustments


Week 7

Physiology of The Body | How to observe and understand bodies | Use of props to improve body alignment or modify a posture | Confidence building | Practice Teaching


Week 8

Nadis | Paranayama | Bandhas | Chanting |  Mudras   


Week 9

Tatrak | Meditation | Qualities of a Great Teacher | The business of yoga 

Community Connection | Teaching Large crowds | Review | Final | Graduation





Investment for training $3000

 Nonrefundable Deposit  $750

Install payments for the remaining balance


For more information call:

(954) 696-6978