January 2021, 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga 4 life Studios  

Awaken the Teacher Within



Our teaching is ideal for training and harmonizing the physical, metal and spiritual natures through the principal of yoga, compassion, love, forginess, honesty, tolerance and faith.

In this training you will have the knowledge and the ability to feel the energy in the room and create  your class from that point.

You will build the confidence and awareness to lead your students into a save practice.

As a teacher you will be able to inspire, empower and transform your students lives from your heart.

Most of our teachers are now pioneer teachers, not only in the best studios around town but also in the United States and South America.


All students find their lives transformed and enlivened by their experiences in this training program, and this is our hope for all who join.


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About This Training

It begins:

Jan 22nd – 23er

Orientation, introduction and practice.

Jan 2nd 

Jan 5th – 6th

Ethics | History |The Four paths of Yoga | The Eigth Limbs of Yoga Begining Yoga Practice | Basic Pranayama | our practice.

Jan 16th

Jan 19th – 20th

The systems of Hatha Yoga | The Mind of the  Aspirant | The 3 Gunas | 3 Types of Teachers

Mar 2nd

Mar 5th – 6th

Path & styles of yoga | Surya Namaskara A/B/C | Sankrit | Practice Teaching skills

Mar 16th

Mar 19th – 20th

Asana study | Art of sequency, proper alignment, hands on adjustment, benefits and potential risk in the practice | Introduction to Chakras

Mar 30th

Apr 2nd – 3er 

Principal of Anatomy | Science and Art of   Sequencing | Hands on Adjustments

Apr 13th

Apr 16th – 17th

Physiology of The Body | How to observe and undertand bodies | Use of props to improve body alignment or modify a posture | Confidence building | Practice Teaching

Apr 27th

Apr 30th

May 1st

Nadis | Paranayama | Bandhas | Chanting |  Mudras   

May 11th

May 14th – 15th

Tatrak |Meditation | Qualities of a Great Teacher | The business of yoga 

May 25th 

May28th – 29th 

Community Connection | Teaching Large crouds | Review | Final | Graduation



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Call Now : (954) 696 – 6978


Includes manual.

Tuition #3000

Deposit $750 

There is a possibility to enroll in payment plan if needed.




Yoga 4 life studios Coral Springs 

The Great Lawn at A1A and Atlantic Blvd

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