Kayla Pope


Kayla has been a Yogini since birth. Her kind and healing spirit is influenced by her mother, nature, natural medicine, and yoga.

She is a registered RYT200 yoga teacher, a Reverend in Ayurveda, a gifted writer, and artist.

She takes her practice with her in daily life and every class.

When taking a class with Kayla, you will experience her intuitive healing touch alongside her use of essential oils. Her creative movements synchronized with breath from asana to asana will leave you feeling refreshed, balanced, and grounded.

Amelia Maynard

Amelia has been a disciplined practitioner of yoga for over 16 years and became a certified Yoga Alliance teacher in 2011. Her passion extends far beyond the traditional; she is a dedicated Akashic Record keeper/ soul reader and counselor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Integrated Energy therapy practitioner, and an intuitive. These modalities are unified into her yoga classes to offer her students a truly one of a kind yogic experience. Amelia guides her students to find their spiritual, mental, and physical balance through a strong, conscious flow. Her unique light­hearted approach and time honored teaching style lend itself easily to new and seasoned practitioners alike. You will learn, sweat, and smile your way through inspiring and rejuvenating classes, which are filled with good vibrations of strength and peace.

Lisa Meronchuk

Lisa credits her mother, with giving her the gift of Yoga, by teaching her how to meditate, by focusing on the breath as a young child. She began taking Yoga classes regularly in 2007, and it immediately became a moving meditation, uniting the body, mind, and spirit. Her passion for yoga continued to deepen, and through the encouragement of several of her teachers, she decided to get certified to teach. She continued to follow her bliss, and was guided to Juliana’s Studio, Yoga 4 Life, where she has found her voice. As her spiritual journey continues, Yoga has empowered her to let go of Fear, cultivate Self Love, Confidence, and Awareness into every area of her life. It has deepened her relationship to Divine Wisdom, and she is committed to shine her light, and teach each one of her students, how to bring stillness to the mind, be in the present moment, and experience Peace found within, through the gift of Yoga.

Christy Biggs

Christy Biggs, MS, RMT, RYT200 is the creator of the Practical Magic series of meditations for private & group practices. Her Heal the Healer Program has been called one of the “Best nuts and bolts deliveries of how Science meets Spirit” that is being taught today. She’s given lessons around the country and has received accolades from movie stars to corporate CEOs. Christy is a co-producer and instructor for the ‘Discover the Gift’ Personal Coach Certification Program in Ft Lauderdale coming in October 2016.

She is currently offering open group classes in Gentle Hatha, Yin and Restorative Yoga at Juliana’s Art of Yoga in Coral Springs & Pompano Beach under the tutelage of Julian Trejo. Her private sessions there include Customized Yoga, Reiki and Meditation. She also offers Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meditation and EFT for Trauma Relief to everyone from single parents to law enforcement. Her gentle blend of ancient tradition and cutting edge science is sure to leave you coming back for more.

Ileana Claffey

Ileana was searching for a natural path to wellness, when she experienced a glimpse of stillness during her first yoga class, twenty years ago.  Her practice, coupled with her desire to deepen her knowledge inspired her to become a certified yoga teacher in 2007.
She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) and a Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) with Yoga Alliance and Reiki Practitioner.
She continues to evolve her yoga practice and teaching through self study, classes and workshops with an array of incredibly inspiring teachers which have all helped to influence her unique style of teaching. Her goal is to create a compassionate, heart centered class, where each student can reach beyond their perceived limitations.  She brings a unique awareness of body alignment and movement, with clear instructions and humor.  Always reminding you to stay present and breathe…

Norma Steele

Norma Steel was introduced to yoga by Juliana Trejo in 1995. She is a certified teacher since 1996 through Body Works: certification for yoga for youth and RYT­ 200 with instructor Baron Baptist. She spends free time­ traveling­, horseback riding and teaching yoga to her grandchildren. She encourages her students to honor themselves by making their practice their own and to be grateful each day, as life is a great gift.

Gina Gentile

When Gina’s years of competitive dancing came to an end at the age of 18, her yoga journey began. She started doing yoga just as another way to move her body and “get in shape” but she soon realized there was so much more to yoga than meets the eye. In the early days of her practice, she still had the mind of a dancer, trying to execute each pose perfectly, making sure it looked good in the mirror, still feeling like she was in a ballet class. But the more Gina practiced, the more she began to really feel the mental and spiritual effects of yoga and realized the physical benefits were an added bonus. Passion began to ignite within Gina, and the anxiety and depression she had struggled with her entire life began to fade.

Gina’s favorite part of practicing yoga is applying the lessons she learns on the mat to her life off the mat. Yoga has helped Gina breathe through and make the best of challenging times, find balance and focus in unsteady times, and express joy and gratitude in the good times. Gina’s favorite part of teaching is giving hands on touch and Reiki to her students. She’s incredibly grateful and happy to be part of the Yoga for Life family and hopes to ignite the same passion in her students that was ignited in her through the power of yoga. When she’s not doing yoga, she enjoys time working at a local animal hospital, eating vegan food, and spending time with her husband and 3 rescue pets.

Claudia Regan

Hatha Yoga Teacher / E­RYT Certified is renowned teacher Claudia Regan. After losing almost 100 pounds Claudia came to yoga thinking that it would be a good addition to her fitness program. What she found completely changed her life. After being a yoga student for over 13 years Claudia decided to follow her passion and become a yoga teacher. She completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training with Juliana Trejo and became certified by The Yoga Alliance. Claudia teaches a challenging yet gentle style of yoga with attention to body alignment and breath awareness in a way that makes yoga available to everyone.

Caroline Ubrig

Caroline‘s yoga journey begins with the breath.

As a yoga enthusiast beginner, Caroline often felt intimidated by stepping into a yoga class without knowing how to breath.

Even after discussing anxiety levels about breathing with Yoga Teachers, the only advice she was given was to “Just Breathe”.

For a new student this concept can however be hard to grasp. Caroline’s intuition was telling her that there is more to it than “just breath” and Caroline was eager to discover what “it” was.

After moving to Florida, Caroline was ready to give Asana another try, to help release tension and join the yoga community and she was startled to find out that most of the yoga classes taught here were so breath focused.

Teachers were not teaching “just breath”, but explained in detail how to connect with the in & exhale, focusing on different parts of the body while breathing.

From pranayama breathing, kumbhaka, breath of fire to alternate Nostril, 4 part breath, the bandhas and ujjayi pranayama; Caroline was blown away by all that she has learned.

Caroline was especially grateful to the teachers that taught her the power of pranayama, our life force, our compass.

Those special teaching techniques made it possible for Caroline to tackle the asana practice and consequently awaken to the spiritual teachings of Yoga.

Caroline is now able to share these teachings with others and excited to follow her parents footsteps as professional teachers themselves.

Making the connection of both her longlife admiration for teachers and her love of Yoga,

Caroline has realized her passion by learning how to “Just Breathe”.

As a yoga teacher Caroline’s goal is to put emphasis on the breath and share the values of authenticity, non-judgmental and compassion to inspire others to listen to their breath and use it as compass both in Yoga class and in life.

Jason Gootner

Considered a true Jack of all trades, Jason’s passion for Yoga exceeds all other parts of his life.  Yoga has helped him find balance in life and peace in his soul. He was overjoyed to complete RYT200 and start sharing the teachings of Yoga with others. His style is strong but his smile is gentle and he will happily guide you through this thousands year old science to become the best and brightest version of yourself.

Kimberly Payton

Kimberly’s journey of combining the physical and spiritual world began at age 18.  She was first drawn to teaching metabolic conditioning classes at local gyms at the age of 19, weight training and competing in local bodybuilding events, always having a deep respect for the human body.  Coupled with visits to “The Science of Mind Center,” where she developed respect for the spiritual teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and many other masters.  Kimberly slowly realized where she was called to serve in this life. The corporate world paid the bills and she continued caring for her physical form in varied athletic programs and maintained balance through both physical and mindfulness practices.  Once she began classes at Yoga4Life Studios, she quickly developed a love and passion for the healing power of yoga and the community that surrounded the studio.  Searching for 3 years for the “right” Guru, she happily chose Juliana Trejo.  She considers it an honor to wake up every day helping others become the best they can be, whether improving the mind, body or attaining the balance that we all strive for.

Juliana Trejo

Juliana was raised in Caracas Venezuela. She has been a student of yoga since 1981.

She is a vessel of light, her healing presence is felt the moment you connect with her. Intuitive and deeply connected to the source, healer of the mind and body, motivator and awakener.

She moved to the United States in 1985, where soon she found herself teaching Yoga to groups and private sessions. She furthered her knowledge in the philosophy of yoga through the studies of Self Realization Fellowship Founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in California. In the early 90’s she attended The Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Center where she received an International Yoga Certification. Her love for yoga inspired her to further her studies in Kundalini yoga and receive a second International Certification from The Kundalini Research Institute.

Her teaching is ideal for training and harmonizing the physical, mental, and spiritual natures through the principles of love, forgiveness, honesty, sincerity, tolerance, and faith. She has been able to develop will power, self­ confidence, and self­ reliance on herself and others through the practice of Meditation and Yoga. Bringing a deep respect to her teaching for the healing and calming effects of yoga. Her classes are healing, engaging and fun. Focusing on the flow of breath, steady movement and the feeling of completeness that can be cultivated through a lasting practice.

Derek Vaughn

Derek’s classes blend the wisdom of traditional and contemporary styles of vinyassa and speak heavily to the spiritual and energetic layers of yoga. Outside of the yoga room he is also a reiki practitioner and professional intuitive, all of which heavily influences his teachings. Derek’s unique voice is also shaped by his Masters degree in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, where he focused on  “sex and the sacred.” His goal as a yoga teacher is to help his students look at the yoga practice beyond yoga postures alone. Derek is enamoured by the physical practice of yoga, but his teachings also emphasize that yoga should make you a better person. He encourages his students to learn from their yoga and then embody it off the mat to create a healthy relationship with themselves and others.