Kayla Pope

Kayla has been a Yogini since birth. Her kind and healing spirit is influenced by her mother Juliana, nature, natural medicine, and yoga.

She is a registered RYT200 yoga teacher, a Reverend in Ayurveda, a gifted writer, and artist.

She takes her practice with her in daily life and every class.

When taking a class with Kayla, you will experience her intuitive healing touch alongside her use of essential oils. Her creative movements synchronized with breath from asana to asana will leave you feeling refreshed, balanced, and grounded.

Juliana Trejo

Juliana Trejo, healer, artist, creator of Julianas Art of Yoga, drop of spirit apparel, and Yoga 4 life studios.

She was raised in Caracas Venezuela, has been a student of yoga since 1981.

She is a vessel of light, her healing presence is felt the moment you connect with her. Intuitive and deeply connected to source, healer of the mind and body, motivator, and awakener.

She moved to the United States in 1985, where soon she found herself teaching Yoga to groups and private sessions. She furthered her knowledge in the philosophy of yoga through the studies of Self Realization Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in California. In the early 90’s she attended The Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Center where she received an International Yoga Certification. Her love for yoga inspired her to further her studies in Kundalini yoga and receive a second International Certification from The Kundalini Research Institute.

Her teaching is ideal for training and harmonizing the physical, mental, and spiritual natures through the principles of love, forgiveness, honesty, sincerity, tolerance, and faith. She has been able to develop willpower, self­ confidence, and self­ reliance on herself and others through the practice of Meditation and Yoga. Bringing deep respect to her teaching for the healing and calming effects of yoga.

Juliana’s classes are healing, engaging, and fun. Focusing on the flow of breath, steady movement, and the feeling of completeness can be cultivated through a lasting practice.