The Art of Integration – What Makes Meditation STICK   We do not have to go far to stress out.  We like meditation because it helps relieve all the tension.  Studies show that stress and anger reduce the body’s immune system response, raises blood pressure and generally leaves the body and soul feeling pretty darn crummy.  The experience of prolonged stress and anger just makes everything worse.  It starts to deepen the negatively associated neuron pathways in the brain resulting in even less patience and more constant feelings of anger.  Eventually, the brain becomes wired to only respond to any given stimulus with negativity.  What a bummer!   How can we really use meditation to help our lives in a tangible way? The power is in the finish.  When we integrate back into our daily life after meditation, we are holding the keys to the kingdom of our heart.  Science tells us we have about 20 minutes to access this open programming.  You are able to communicate directly with your subconscious.  Make it count!   Meditation creates an opening in the path to the subconscious (which is actually the pilot of your mind and pretty much all of your reactions).  Meditation allows you to clear the samskaras (the impressions left by the thoughts, words, and deeds) and release the karmas.  Karmas are cleared with awareness.  Integration is what you do after meditation when you start to realize that you are you again.  Integration into a happy body gives spirit something wonderful to come back to.   As you return from meditation, you are planting the seeds of a new season in your mind.  Plant the seeds of compassion and peace, happiness, and joy!   Entertain nothing that causes you discomfort.  Your subconscious is receiving direct programming from you right now.  Happy integration could be the single most powerful tool in the entire spiritual practice tool shed for seeing physical results manifested.   See the dreams you wish to achieve as if they have occurred already.  Maybe some useful thoughts to nurture at the moment could be:   I am so happy!  (No matter what because right now you are.) I always love that I am in the right place at the right time. I always love that I am physically healthy and long of life. I always love that I live!  I always love that everyone lives in happiness and joy. I always love that I am spiritually awakened! I always love that I am financially prosperous. I always love that my life is so simple and easy.   Remember, you are planting what you WANT to see, so believe it and see it in the moment of right now- to whatever extent you can. You can do it... "After meditation, as I return to my body, I make today GREAT!   -The Science Shaman