The Freedom of the Breath

We will never be free until we are in the total freedom of self-containment. No matter the dramas of life, the answer is the breath.   Life seems like a whirlwind of lethargic activity. Bring family here, pick up this and drive across town for that. If you are like me and have an affinity for indoor plumbing and a healthy variety of food, you may find you have a job or some kind of work. Whatever we do with our days, it seems pretty easy to get lost without ever knowing one is lost in the first place. Meditation brings hope.   Regardless of who else is in the room, we come to our mat privately. We snuggle into our asana all by ourselves and when we breathe, it is entirely between us and Spirit. Inside Spirit, there is only The One. Our only job is to forget everyone and everything else, but how to really breath in happiness. Slowly, deeply into the body. Relaxing the shoulders and the grip of our teeth. Softly, gently the winds rise up and fall back out of the body. Steady in from the sky, the breath~ moving straight down into the body. The belly starts to soften and the wind is able to travel more freely down. The heart relaxes and the Taoist smile starts to glow. The breath releases out. Deep and low, the breath in. Like a suction. Then all the way back up and out. Focus on the breath, smile and be completely self-contained. Samtosa is translated as contentment and is often synonymous with self-containment. This is all about You.   Meditation is taking the time to nurture the ability to go and come back, to go and come back, over and over again to that place of transcendence. The more it is done, the more you are aware that you are doing it. The more you are aware of it, the more you realize you Are It. You are that which You seek. Meditation helps you to remember. More and more… Remember. Breathe.   -The Science Shaman