Juliana's Art of Yoga

Light Worker  Mystic  Healer


Juliana’s mission is to unite communities through the practice of mindfulness, breathwork, meditation, gentle movement, and sharing divine connections with each other by creating a safe space that allows for the expansion and opening of our sacred hearts.


She teaches her students to let go of judgment,, hatred, addictions, guilt, fears, manipulation, and resentment by becoming aware of their unconscious thinking, behaviors, actions, and reactions, in order to become the alchemist which allows for the evolvement into higher vibrational frequencies of pure joy, bliss, vibrant health, and healing.


Her passion for life began in her early years with a deep connection to Nature. She was raised in Venezuela, and at the age of 16, her mother introduced her to Yoga which was love at first sight!


Juliana is one of the first teachers who introduced Yoga to South Florida. She provides both outdoor and indoor sacred spaces for all levels and types of practitioners. 


JShe promotes and teaches healing with the practice of conscious breathing, movement, observation, unconditional love, meditation, connection to nature, and communication regardless of your age or fitness level. You will always be able to find a class with her that will fulfill your needs and growth!


She is committed to connecting communities and helping people’s lives, health, and wellness one breath at a time.

Juliana offers a unique way of teaching, which helps to connect you to Spirit. Her sessions include Shamanism, Healing Therapy, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Thai Body Work, Workshops, Retreats, 200Hr Teacher Training, and more!


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Blessings, love & light,


Juliana Trejo